2017 MATE ROV Puerto Rico Competition - Ranger Results & More !

Our congratulations to all teams, specially CYLON, Corp. Ranger Overall Winner. Ranger Score Sheets and some pics are in this post.  Thanks to Batteries Plus, HQJ Plumbing, Virtualizate.net, CIAPR-Ponce (engineers José Vera, President of Ponce Chapter, Sonia López, Javier Rivera, Anthony Figueroa y Julio González), Explorer Team RUMROV from UPR RUM and US NAVY for helping us to do this wonderful event for our kiddos. Special thanks to CROEV School for helping us with the facility. #CROEV !!!! THANKS!!!   Ranger Awards CIAPR Ponce Innovation Award - Puerto Rican Creatots, Co. Batteries Plus Efficiency Award - Aquatitans, Inc. HQJ Best PVC Frame Award - Aguilas, Corp. Frame Special Mention to Aquatitans, Inc. & H20BOT, Inc. Virtualizate.net Media Award - H20BOT Media Special Mention to FAMECHS, Corp.  Technical Report Award - FAMECHS, Corp.